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Your Mind Is Controlling Your Biology | Brisbane Hypnotherapy

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Very Simply – Our old understanding of human biology was that it was your genes that decided your BIOLOGY.

If you were healthy or not, if you would create dis-ease or not. 

Wether or not you would heal or not heal.

Thankfully we know from New Biological research in epigenetics It is your External environment (what you take into your body and the forces from outside) and your Internal environment (Your perceptions, that change how your mind runs your body) That impact on your ‘Gene Expression’ this in turn controls your biology.

So the bits you can control, (what you put into your bodies system) and how you perceive your world means …

wait for it ……


this is not new news, this is just not what people like to hear..


Thanks Dr Bruce Lipton for your amazing work in the field of cellular biology.

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