The Mind – Body Connection | Brisbane Hypnotherapy

The Mind – Body Connection | Brisbane Hypnotherapy

The mind-body connection.

Probably more real and more fantastical than you could possibly imagine.

The connection between the mind and the body may seem an obvious one, the minds run the body and the body reports back to the minds.

Simple and and easy and obvious, right? with the understand that we’re not just groups of organs living separately in one shell.

In fact we are colonies of between, 35 trillion and 50 trillion cells all living, working and communicating perfectly with each other 24 seven.

Our minds and our bodies don’t even have, just a subtle link, they don’t rely on a generalised feeling nor do they have Just a nondescript form of communication. In fact our bodies and our minds talk to each other directly, feedback directly and instantaneously, as if we were having a conversation out loud with another person.

Imagine for example you think something scary, the very moment your mind thinks it your body feels it and all your cells react. Actually it is often the case that your unconscious mind will notice something and your body will we act along with your cells, even before your conscious mind is aware of it.

We know that our feelings, emotions and perceptions cause disease. As we know positive thoughts and feelings cause positive health. Many of us know this and many people live with this understanding on a daily basis.

No great shocks I hear you say! 🙂 & it’s very good if this is normal thinking for you, for many people it is not.

So let’s turn up the heat a little bit and explain something you probably didn’t know, something the medical profession doesn’t talk about outside of their own walls. To be fair even within my profession it’s not often kept in public conversation.

So what is it I am talking about?

My intention here is not to be controversial, as for me this is a very normal conversation. But for many people this doesn’t make much sense.

The mind body connection is so strong, so direct and so influential that, your thoughts , feelings and perceptions directly manipulate your physical being and your health in real time.

Let me give an example, when I’m not in my private practice I work in the disability sector. I see many physical, emotional and mental fascinations.

It is not uncommon for somebody living with multiple personality disorder to have physical differences in each personality. Okay you might say, perhaps they speak in a different accent, have different likes and dislikes, that would not be unusual.

However, it is noticeable that, in a certain amount of the population living with multiple personality disorder, require different reading glasses for different personalities, because the different personalities have different eyesight. How can this be possible?

This is possible because the perceptions, the personality and the understandings that the personality has, depicts how their physicality presents itself.

So one particular case a gentleman with multiple personality disorder, had to carry three sets of reading glasses. Each of his personalities was tested and each had marked differences in eyesight, as the personality depicted how the eyes and the brain function together.

The study of multiple personality disorder is a hugely fascinating one, as the only difference should be a mental one, however, this is absolutely not what we find.

There are cases, you can even find for yourself, they are not that uncommon, that some people with multiple personality disorder have been shown to have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, but only in one of their personalities. With the understanding of medical science, as it stands, this would be impossible. Fortunately medical science is not as stayed or as stagnant as some people would like to believe. As there are more and more cases, coming to the fore, it is now difficult to deny and science is following curiously.

Along with these Study cases, the subject of organ memory is very well known inside the medical profession, to surgeons and scientists, and is often swept under the carpet outside of medical circles, as the understanding goes against traditional medicine.

this is where people have transplants and find that they, not only gain a new organ but new memories as well. If we look at new science and biology we can see that this is perfectly possible. As it would be most probable that more than just brain cells can have memory.

For me it’s nice to know that our minds and bodies are more than just what we’re lead to believe.

Thankfully with the amazing work of people like Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Robert Williams, Drs Tad and Adriana James as well as the amazing Tony Robbins, as well as the new understandings of quantum mechanics, times are changing and thankfully so are our understandings of the human mind!

Come and find out more about Hypnotherapy, NLP and other unconscious interventions that are used to change not only your mind but also your body.

Phill Curr