Hypnosis, and it’s flavours

Hypnosis, and it’s flavours

Hypnosis’ flavours

How can I explain easily my thoughts on hypnosis.


Hypnosis is a very natural phenomenon and a way to access the enormous ability of the unconscious mind.

In fact, our life is strewn with Hypnosis. Before the age of about 7 years old, we are almost permanently living in a state of light Hypnosis. At this time our conscious minds haven’t been formed enough to kick in yet, this means that everything that goes into you enters directly your unconscious (subconscious) mind.

After that time to enter a state of hypnosis your conscious mind has to be either occupied or so relaxed that it’s not processing all the information coming in directly, willingly letting go of judgment and allowing a state that will help us access the control centre to your life and body.

There is a mountain of clinical evidence showing us how profound hypnotherapeutic aid can be, and also a mountain of clinical evidence for other names for hypnosis like the placebo effect.

At this point, many people in the medical profession may get a little agitated as it doesn’t hold with certain beliefs that either the placebo effect is hypnosis or that either of them is “real” or have any actual effect.

The truth is that the unconscious mind runs your body and your life. The actual truth is that if a patient believes that they are able to change their thinking to change their lives or indeed their bodies and/or dis-ease that this can actually happen.

In the case of the placebo effect, it seems like a medical joke that you can sometimes give an innocuous tablet and then the body or mind will heal itself.

It is purposely maligned in fact, for a very good reason. If for example a sugar pill can heal you, why are we paying hundreds of pounds and dollars for dangerous chemicals? At this point, I need to say that I am not against the medical profession, holy moly without them our society would be in turmoil and in a seriously unhealthy way. What I am saying is that the ability of the unconscious mind and hypnosis to heal a life, mind or body is utterly amazing, in fact quite often will do so with such profound effect that the medical profession cannot and will not explain it.

In my experience, I have seen so many things that have been documented by many sources that prove that the mind has almost the single most powerful effect on the body as well as behavior and life achievement, well beyond a high percentage of certain chemical treatments, gene therapies as well as pain protocols and antidepressants. Again I am not suggesting there is not a place for these types of treatment, However they heavily overshadow the ability of the mind to heal and take control of the body.

If all forms of Hypno- therapeutic interventions were put together I personally think there would be dozens and dozens, including the placebo effect, energy work, tapping, positive suggestion, all the way to faith healing and witchcraft.

In my sole opinion, all of these are different flavors of hypnosis, with different people preferring a different flavor according to their beliefs.

Whatever you choose to call it, if you allow the unconscious mind to take work your body and life properly, release negative emotions from the unconscious along with limiting beliefs and decisions, creating positive beliefs that consist of it healing itself and the body I believe and have seen hundreds and hundreds of proven examples of its huge effectiveness.

My flavor is to call it Hypnosis, as I choose to call a spade a spade. It is for me the environment that allows the unconscious mind to be healed and take positive control of our mental and physical health.

This is my view, I hope you can appreciate my perspective


Phill Curr

Hypnosis Brisbane