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Phill Curr is a highly recommended and qualified practicing psychotherapist and hypnotherapist

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Fixing the world one beautiful mind at a time.

Maybe you are a couple needing help or have children or teenagers struggling at home or at school. Perhaps you know a loved one feeling anxious or depressed. If yourself or someone you care about needs help to change their personal or working life, Give me a call: 0424 314 497 and find out how, together we can change lives!

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Making an appointment is easy, you can send me a message via the form on this page or if you prefer you can give me a call on 0424 314 497 to schedule a time at your earliest convenience.

You do not need to bring anything to your session, nor do you need to prepare anything before hand. What I do ask is to bring an openness and willingness to change, with an honest attitude. The more open you can be the faster you will achieve your desired results.

The amount of sessions required will be variable from person to person, however, I have had many clients come in after being in therapy for years and in a few sessions they are drug-free and living life at it’s full potential. It is not my intention for you to be needing weekly sessions, you will start to see a profound change in the way you do life even after as few as 1-2 sessions. However, maintenance is important to some to ensure a lasting and long term result especially in cases of severe trauma, anxiety or fear.

Absolutely, it’s your session and you are welcome to bring who you like. When treating children or teenagers, they are often more open when a parent is not present during the session and we may ask for you to wait just outside in the waiting room. This is especially the case if the presenting concern is of a family relationship nature.

Yes, there is parking on site for customers and clients.


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