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The Whole Brain State To Create Change | Mindset Hypnotherapy

Cross Crawling in Psychology

Your brain is made up of many parts, but as far as personalities go, two halves, both with different psychology.

The picture here shows what both sides do, and we can see day to day in different situations what side we and the people we know favour.

Some of us have a more analytical psychology than others, and some more emotional. These traits can change over time and as I said, in different situations.

Have you ever been in an exam situation for example whereby you are full with nerves and negative emotion and would give your right arm to remember every or indeed anything you studied in all those years of hard work? This is because as you start to hope and then worry that you will fail perhaps the fear and anxiety grips you and you find yourself trapped inexplicably in your right side. The Corpus Callosum (the bridge between the two halves) suddenly becomes a blockage and no amount of thinking and worrying seems to pass from your logical, analytical side to where you need it to calm your nerves and allow the thousands of hours work to come back. How often are we in arguments or situations that, when we walk away we suddenly say “oh I wish I’d said this or that, that would have been a great comeback”

So how do we combat this? I hear you shout. In simple terms we could do with the blockage being cleared and both sides of our brains firing right? Well we can do this very simply, and this little technique has been used for many years and something we do naturally in fitness, as we relax and in many situations where we feel uncomfortable.

Cross Crawling helps to fire and kick start both sides of your brain, giving you a whole brain working state. Cross Crawling involves very simply crossing a limb past the centre point of your body, preferably to the opposite side and opposite sector limb for example taking your left hand down and across and bringing your right knee up to touch, the your right hand down and your left knee up to touch each other.

We see this time and time again in things like Yoga, Pilates and psych-k. When we are resting or relaxing we will often  cross our ankles and our arms to relax, as your brain, in a whole brain state will calm. In an uncomfortable situation we may cross our legs and cross our arms, for a barrier but also for comfort.

So next time you are in a situation of stress, try cross crawling or and see how you feel, and then sit or even stand in the most comfortable whole brain state. It’s very simple and something our minds and brains like and will calm your feelings and your body.

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