Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Psychology and Psychiatry – Why I do my thing!

Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Psychology and Psychiatry – Why I do my thing!

With all the different psychological therapeutic interventions out there, why did I choose Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy and Psychotherapy?

There is a very simple answer to why Hypnotherapy.

Your mind is made up of 2 general parts
1. Conscious – The part you do the thinking, judging and practical deciding with.
2. Unconscious – The part that hold all your beliefs, programming, emotions, your personality traits, Runs your body, creates your world and your understanding of it.

A psychiatrist will help you by changing the chemical balance in your physical brain to try to make you feel and think differently.

A Psychologist will work with your conscious mind to help you understand and think and so hopefully feel differently.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist we work with the conscious understanding as a psychologist would PLUS the huge supercomputer we know as the unconscious mind.

Working with the unconscious mind is the only sure fire way to get congruence with both parts of the mind as well as having the ability to change all the millions of programs that run your body and your world.
I Find that if you work only on the conscious mind, the unconscious mind will certainly override it.

Your conscious mind is tiny and slow and weak compared to the enormity of the unconscious.
If you work only with the unconscious as some therapists, even some hypnotherapists do, you will often find that the very rational conscious mind will keep using its understandings and judgments to recreate the problems that you went to change in the first place.
The need to work with both minds surely is obvious. As humans we need to be able to change the unconscious programs we run in the background on a minute-by-minute basis. Also we need to have a lot of understanding as to why we run those, knowing we are not broken and how we can notice ourselves recreating those or new scenarios that are going to lead us into trouble.

So this is why I chose to study and treat both minds. I studied under some of the worlds best coaches and I’m very sure my clients feel they are getting the very best if not often, magical treatment.

Thank you for reading and being interested. More about Hypno

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