Does Hypnotherapy Work | Brisbane Hypnotherapy Clinic

Does Hypnotherapy Work | Brisbane Hypnotherapy Clinic

Hypnotherpy Brisbane – Does Hypnotherapy work?


I often hear people say Hypnotherapy doesn’t work or it didn’t work for me.

Or the millions of questions about what can hypnotherapy change.

So here is a quick and easy way for you to get the hang of what Hypnotherapy and hypnosis is.

I am a Brisbane Clinical Hypnotherapist and trained to Master Hypnotist level and I also Coach Hypnotherapists.

So let me explain, Saying Hypnotherapy doesn’t work is like saying University doesn’t work.

Hypnosis is simply “an environment”. Anyone can be hypnotized, (again against popular understanding) and the state of hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation and focus.

Nothing happens in hypnosis apart from relaxation and calm.

The same as nothing happens in a University without tutors or subjects, walking into a university will teach you very little only what a university looks and feels like inside.

So what’s all the fuss about?

For a University to ‘work’ (imagining you are the student) you need a tutor and subject matter. Your tutor needs to teach you in an appropriate way for you to learn. Now if the tutor can ‘speak your learning language’ you may well learn a lot and then university ‘works’ Right?

In Hypnosis (once you are there), your Hypnotherapist is the tutor. If they can teach you, take you to a place of change and help you change your issues, you get the great results you’re after. If the hypnotherapist cannot help you create the change you desire, it’s not that hypnosis doesn’t work, just that perhaps you had the wrong Tutor or the way the hypnotherapist treated you did not work for you.

I hope that helps your understanding a bit. In summary, Hypnosis cannot work or not work, it’s a place!

The therapy part of the HYPNO-Therapy is what will aid you in changing or not. Due to the skills of the therapist, the ability/willingness of the client to let go of their problem and the relationship between those two people.

Please feel free to get in touch, if you have any questions.

Phill – Clinical Hypnotherapist Brisbane