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Hypnosis is a state of natural deep relaxation and concentration. It helps you to use the power of your mind and your creative imagination to find new ways of dealing with problems and to alter unwanted patterns of behaviour. We can use this deep and profound therapy to treat everything from depression to bad habbits to psychological trauma easily and effortlessly in a much shorter time than you would probably think, drug free and with no side effects.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

Hypnotherapy, more commonly known as hypnosis uses a very natural state of relaxation and focus. It allows your clinical hypnotherapist to put to sleep, if you like, your conscious mind and access all the facets of your unconscious mind. This enables your hypnotherapist to change negative emotions, decisions, belief systems, values and how you see your model of the world you live in. Many people experience a conscious feeling that they are hypnotised and others experience a sense of deep relaxation or rest, everybody experiences hypnosis in a slightly different way. Whatever your experience, everyone can use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to change their lives for the better.

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Brisbane Hypnotherapy and Anxiety Specialits3

As an AHA Brisbane Clinical Hypnotherapist, I can help you:

Overcome trauma: Overcome panic attacks, phobias and fears. Past and present abuse, Domestic violence, and the struggle of depression.
Manage stress:
Prolonged excess stress can cause headaches, anxiety, and ulcers. Hypnosis has a proven track record of reducing stress and anxiety.
Control habits:
Using hypnosis you can eliminate or control smoking, excess drinking, problem gambling and nail biting.
Manage weight: Hypnosis can change your unhealthy eating habits and motivate you to exercise appropriately.
Enhance your performance: Eliminate public speaking anxiety, improve your sports performance, get motivated and overcome procrastination by using hypnotherapy.
Pain management: Hypnosis is a proven pain management tool, for general & Chronic Pain.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome: studies have shown that hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for IBS.
Childhood Issues: help your children overcome bed-wetting, nightmares, learning difficulties anxiety and more.
Hypnosis is a natural, drug-free yet powerful way of dealing with childhood issues.

Hypnotherapy is supported by clinical research, it provides a rapid, personalised and permanent solution to many physical and mental health issues.

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