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Can I be Hypnotised?

Hypnosis, can we all do it?

Well there have been many misconceptions about Hypnosis, what is it and will it work on me.

Even amongst some profesionals within Hypnotherapy there is a very strange belief, that only a cetain percentage of poeple can be hypnotised.

As hypnosis is a completely natural phenomenon it seems a little strange to me that it is even a question. But a question it is nonetheless.

So here goes. Your answer. YES you can be hypnotized, yes every one who has a normal functioning brain (if there is such a thing) can be. There are some mental and physical diseases and disabilities that might prevent this of course. However generally, if your brain functions at least averagely compared to any other normal human your answer is yes.

Some say, “it’s only weak minded people who can be Hypnotised, where as most hypnotists would say it’s the strong minds that do the best.

In fact we experience hypnosis every single day, we create this state ourselves, others create it within us while talking. Possibly the time where you will experience this more than anything is while watching TV.

The times that hypnosis occurs are when we are relaxed, engaged and focused on something, where time seems to lapse and your mind calms and allows change to happen.

When we are talking about traditional hypnosis rather than conversational hypnosis, it is true that some people achieve the state of hypnosis better. These people are more ‘somnambulistic’ or more able to quickly and easily achieve a deep state of hypnotic relaxation and so are able to create change possibly more intensely and quickly.

In a typical session however hypnosis at least in my session happens all the time, with hypnotic language patterns to start immediately creating rapport and change in the client. This happens with everybody without fail, and so therein directly suggests that indeed each and every person I see can indeed ‘be hypnotised’ .

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