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Success Stories with Hypnosis Brisbane

Phill Curr is highly sort after and certificated practicing Brisbane hypnotherapist and psychotherapist

Hypnotherapist Brisbane

Bruce H

Business skyrocketed

We had previously worked with an NLP coach several years ago and had great success for the 12 months we worked with him, until he moved interstate. It was great timing that Carol, my business partner met Phill as we were going through the motions in our business but not hitting our goals. After a couple of sessions with Phill, we started having huge sales months and have continued the be focused and driven since. A big ‘Thanks’ Phil, you have given us great clarity to make our budgets and open pathways to success. If you need help to ‘hit your straps’, call Phill, it could be one of the most rewarding experiences you are ever likely to have.*

Hypnotherapist Brisbane

Sophie C

Regained power over my life

Phill has empowered me to regain control over my life. Consequently, I have been able to lose weight, find happiness and be in charge of all the different aspects of my life. The way I view and approach daily challenges, has significantly changed and I now feel in control of my life.*

Hypnotherapist Brisbane

Cath C

I now see things in a different light

I went to see Phill during a particularly difficult time in my life. My sessions with him were immensely helpful and enabled me to see things in a different light. I felt very comfortable talking to him and was impressed with his genuine care and concern.*

Hypnotherapist Brisbane

Tatjana W

Phill removed this problem so cleanly and completely.

I came all the way from Sydney to get help for a very personal problem that I have carried around for a very long time and which was affecting literally every aspect of my life. Working as a Naturopath/Life coach I had tried everything else I know until I was fortunate enough to find Phill.
He helped me in one weekend! to remove this problem so cleanly and so completely that my body started healing straight away. I am feeling like me for the first time ever and it feels incredible. Phill, I recommend you to anybody who wants to change his or her life for the better.*

What Does A Brisbane Hypnosis Session Give You

Mental health can’t wait. Keep calm and visit the right specialist

Hot Cup of Coffee
Support and Care
Emotional Relief
Proper Treatment

*These are individual experiences with Hypnosis each client may have differing results


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