Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

Anxiety and Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy reducing and eliminating anxiety. Anxiety is a created by a group of unconscious behaviors culminating in a terrible feeling of fear, that can be as slight as a worry and as severe as the total inability to function in the world.


Without Hypnotherapy, It is thought to be very difficult to reduce and eliminate anxiety. This idea is generally promoted by the medical industry that anxiety is a serious problem to solve because they do indeed find it very difficult to change those feelings with chemical intervention and conscious intervention.

This is where Hypnotherapy, and all of the different types of hypnotherapy come into their own. Hypnotherapy can have a very simple calming effect on the anxious client working with the unconscious or subconscious mind to relax in all sorts of normal situations. It can also completely remove the feelings thoughts and behaviors of anxiety completely.

Between Traditional notions of Hypnosis, whereby one is ‘dropped’ into a deep state of relaxation and focus, to conversational hypnosis where the client or patient is in a full conversation being aware or unaware of what’s happening. All the way through to the direct interventions of Neuro linguistics programming and indeed and continuous or simultaneous combination of them all.

This Combination along with strategic conscious intervention is probably the most cutting edge psychological technology there is in the world today.

With these unconscious interventions used correct, Anxiety, although having sometimes-huge negative effects, can be very quickly squashed and permanently eliminated.

If you are struggling with ‘severe Anxiety’ you may be told it’s a long process to cope or change your ‘illness’. However we find quite often it can be changed in as little as 15 minutes. This can be true for even life long anxiety with crippling effects.

Once you know what causes Anxiety in the client it can be a very simply process of reprogramming the unconscious mind and getting the conscious mind in congruence with the unconscious, using hypnotherapy.

Don’t be fooled by people telling you Anxiety is a life long issue, it truly does not have to be. With 96% success rate in change negative emotions and behaviors these processes have very few rivals and used in the right hands are found to profoundly change lives, otherwise thought to have permanently damaged.

Phill Curr